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Hi! I am Jane Sutton and health, fitness and wellbeing are my life!


I love the mental and physical challenge of designing and creating my own physique.  It is a truly powerful concept to have that ultimate control over your own body, health, well being and life! A fit, healthy, lean, strong body is what we all want. It gives us confidence, energy and spirit.


I am a highly qualified and experienced Nutritionist and Personal Trainer. My passions are assisting others to lead healthier lifestyles and achieve a balanced approach to their own nutrition and exercise.  My clients are ‘real’ people with ‘real’ lives.

In addition to this, I am also a Competition Coach for physique athletes or regular people wanting to challenge themselves with the goal of creating an enviable stage ready physique. To date, I have been successful as a competitor winning or placing in many competitions.  Most recently, I qualified for the opportunity to compete for my Pro Card and was fortunate enough to win this amazing and prestigious honour, allowing me to compete as a Professional, representing Australia at an International level.

My focus is now on my clients as I am passionate about assisting each one to achieve their own goals and aspirations. This may be to lose a few kilos, to become stronger, to become a role model for their children or to step onstage. No matter what the goal, I want to share in your journey and be by your side.

Let me assist you in achieving your ultimate dream body.

My Fitness Services


Nutrition plays a vital role in achieving optimum health, fitness and wellbeing.

A well planned nutritional program delivering the perfect balance of carbohydrates, proteins and essential fats in the correct portion sizes will ensure you achieve the desired results for your body. If you want to reduce some body fat or improve your health, diet is of vital importance.

Personal Training 


To achieve a defined, lean physique a specialized, dedicated personal training program will see that you get real results, real fast.


The training program you will receive is a highly personalized plan specifically designed to sculpt your desired physique. An individual plan is needed to provide you with the most efficient and effective method to achieve the results that you want. 

Competition Coaching


If you have dreams of competing in fitness events such as in a Bikini, Fitness Model, Figure or Physique event, I can assist you in making that dream a reality.


To achieve this amazing body transformation you will require a dedicated nutrition, training and coaching package to perfectly carve the ultimate physique for your chosen division.

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