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Jodie stage
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Competition Coaching

Your Professional Coach

If you have dreams of competing in fitness events such as in a Bikini, Fitness Model, Figure or Physique event, I can assist you in making that dream a reality. To achieve this amazing body transformation you will require a dedicated nutrition and training package. To prepare your body for the incredible experience of Competition, a highly specialized coaching program is needed to perfectly carve the ultimate physique for your chosen division.


The nutrition program will be tightly selected with the perfect balance of macronutrients to fuel your workouts and develop muscle tone and conditioning while losing body fat to reveal your amazing and enviable physique.


The training program will be specifically designed to accentuate your body shape and present the ultimate body package onstage.


It won’t be easy…but nothing worthwhile ever is. Preparing your body to compete in a Physique Competition requires great discipline and dedication, but the lessons you will learn about yourself and the experience you will have is absolutely unrivalled. You simply won’t believe how amazing both your mind and your body can be!


Jodie Reindl

Jodie is an integral associate as a Desired Bodies Competition Coach. Jodie has many years of experience and expertise, herself studying nutrition and training to assist Desired Bodies athletes with stage preparation and presentation.


Jodie is a professional Coach who is able to achieve outstanding results with our clients. Competition athletes may also have contact with Jodie to ensure a thorough, highly personalised and detailed preparation for Competition. She will be there to take care of everything so you are free to completely enjoy the experience of shining onstage!