Personal Training

Strength in Body & Mind

To achieve a defined, lean physique, a specialized, dedicated personal training program will see that you get real results, real fast. The training program you will receive is a highly personalized plan specifically designed to sculpt your desired physique. An individual plan is needed to provide you with the most efficient and effective method to achieve the results that you want. The program is targeted directly at assisting you to achieve your body, fitness and health goals.


As this is a personally tailored program, you are able to train any place, any time.  A gym, at home, outdoors. Whatever suits you and your lifestyle will be individually catered for. Personal Trainers can be expensive, so why not train yourself using my knowledge and expertise built into your own program.

For the cost of a single PT session, you can have a whole month of your own personalized workout plans.

Within 7 days, you will receive a completely personalized training program. You will be provided with all of the guidance you need in order to begin your workouts. If you require Personal Training sessions to assist you with exercises, these may be arranged with either myself or with a referred highly qualified Personal Trainer.

Each workout will be both challenging and rewarding. Using my specially designed program you will learn how to train effectively and efficiently to gain results and transform your body. You will see visible changes as you develop muscle conditioning and lose body fat. Support and guidance will be provided at any time throughout your journey.