Personal Training Package

The Personal Training package includes;

  • An initial consultation (face-to-face or by phone)

  • Discussion of current fitness and training level

  • Measurements and body composition analysis

  • A completely personalized training program specifically designed to sculpt your body into the shape you desire

  • You will learn a variety of exercise techniques and training methods designed to improve your fitness and achieve optimal health

  • Focus on both strength training and cardio to ensure you are losing the kilos and cm’s to reveal your new lean, defined physique

  • Weekly progress tracking

  • Monthly revision of training program

  • Unlimited direct email support


The Initial Package is $200 including 2 direct consultations and your own workout program designed to fit your lifestyle and carefully craft your admired body shape. Each new Training program (where required) is only $49 for a complete new challenge.


The training program is ideally matched with a personalized nutrition program to ensure you are fueling your body perfectly to achieve the amazing transformational results you are working hard for. The double package will be at a discounted rate of $350 start up (a saving of $50).