I have been working with Jane for over 2 years now. Before meeting Jane, my training consisted of cardio, mostly group fitness classes and minimal weight training. Jane convinced me of the benefits of the correct nutrition and weight training. I had shown interest in competing in a physique competition and decided to ask Jane to Coach me towards achieving this goal. We set clear targets and worked towards my first competition.

With the support of Jane as my Coach, I got the courage to step on stage months later (something I never thought would be achievable) I had the best experience during my prep and enjoyed each and every day.


Jane was with me every step of the way. I received a high level of support, not just with my nutrition and training but also emotional support and guidance through any setbacks or doubts I had about reaching my goals. Following my first extremely successful Season where I won all of my divisions, I continued on with Jane through the next Seasons. I earned representation at the Bali Paradise Pro/Am show, surpassing all of my dreams with great success of winning titles on the International stage.


With the continual help of Jane I am able to plan my nutrition for long term goals.

If you are wanting to become a healthier version of yourself, look no further than Desired Bodies.

Jane has so much knowledge and experience within the fitness and nutrition industry and will be able to assist with reaching whatever your goals may be.  Thank you Jane for everything!!




I have known Jane for over two years. She provides me with daily inspiration and motivation, urging me to never give up on my dream for a healthy, fit, strong body and mind. Jane is always there with celebration when I succeed and encouragement when I fail. I have been faced with many challenges and obstacles in my own life during this time, yet Jane is always there for me.


Jane has taught me about what foods to eat (and to avoid), portion sizes and also how important meal timing can be. Now I think about food as fuel, as energy to help me get through each day.


Jane has also been great with my training. She pushes me in every session with her motivational words. Each session is filled with lots of sweat, but also laughter, smiles, (grunts) and a lot of tough love! Not only have I increased my strength, but I can really see how my body is taking shape, I have lost a lot of weight, I am much tighter, more toned, stronger and finally have more confidence in myself. 


Jane truly cares about my goals and me as a person. She represents what she believes in, and I'm looking forward to continuing the journey with Jane to transform, and achieve my own Desired Body with Jane.





I first saw Jane for a Nutrition and Training Program to make some serious changes to my body that I was unable to achieve on my own. Not only does Jane know exactly what is required to achieve the physique you desire, but she walks the walk. She is passionate about health and fitness herself, so is a constant source of inspiration along the way.


My goal was to step on the Competition stage, with Jane as my Coach. She adjusted and perfected my programs along the way to work specifically for me. She was supportive and encouraging every day. She made the journey such a positive experience. I achieved my lifelong goal of Competing onstage in the Fitness division and not only placed, but won my divisions in my very first Comp!


I have completely transformed my physique in a way I never imagined possible. I cannot thank Jane and the team at Desired Bodies enough and would recommend her to anyone wanting real results.




When I met Jane, her inspiration and motivation was the first thing to strike me. She designed me a training and nutrition program specifically personalised to me. She learned what I like and don't like, with both diet and training, she was always there for guidance and motivation. With her support my strength and cardiovascular fitness is much improved and continually improving and I'm enjoying every minute of training and all the challenges. I have lost over 20 kg to date!

When I began my nutrition was lacking, yes I ate healthy including veges, fruit, yoghurt, little meat and no carbs. I was scared to eat carbs (my sister called me a carbophobe!) Once sitting down with Jane, we went through my goals, and what I wanted to achieve. She developed me a nutrition plan, calculating my proteins, fats and carbs for each day. When I first saw this plan I was terrified, I thought how will I eat all this, and carbs! I was little nervous. I was low on iron, tired and losing motivation. I decided to follow her advice and I feel better than ever! I cannot thank Jane enough. I am now adapting to a lifestyle change not a diet, and it feels great.


Jane you are motivational, inspirational and a legend!! You are always there any time for advice, inspiration and motivation. I look forward to continuing this journey with you.




After experiencing a bad start to my fitness journey, I was so glad to have met Jane. I am in my second year under her guidance as a Coach. I have enjoyed an incredible journey over that time, completely transforming my previous physique. After working together, I have achieved far more than I EVER dreamed of or even thought possible.


After following my personalised Desired Bodies Training and Nutrition Programs for less than one year, I was able to increase my muscle mass while decreasing my body fat, resulting in a very defined physique to showcase onstage. In my very first Competition with Desired Bodies, I won all 3 of the divisions I entered and also won the Overall State Title for WA and tickets to the Nationals. At the Nationals Competition, I again won all of my divisions, the Overall Title and the absolute ultimate prize of my Pro Card. This is something I NEVER thought possible. This is an achievement that was made possible by all the team at Desired Bodies.


Jane is AMAZING as a Trainer, Coach, Nutritionist (and now, friend). She is extremely knowledgeable, passionate and dedicated. She has changed my life in so many ways. I simply cannot recommend Desired Bodies highly enough. It is a great team and I am so proud to be a part of it. The support has been invaluable with advice and questions answered thoroughly and quickly at any time. Jane is very detailed and thorough and this just blew me away. Jane has made my dreams come true and I am so forever grateful to have her as my Coach. I am excited to continue working with Jane and the whole Desired Bodies team to keep building more dreams and incredible memories together. Jane and Desired Bodies are the best! You rock!



Joleen and Mike


My Husband Michael and l, first met Jane from Desired Bodies through mutual friends at our gym. We watched Jane compete in many Physique contests over the years. Jane Coached many people we knew in the Competition field and we witnessed the amazing success of they enjoyed under her guidance. We were even able to see our close friends completely transform their bodies while using Desired Bodies programs. 


So when Michael finally decided to compete in 2016, we knew that Jane was the number one Coach for his journey and his success. Jane is such a friendly and approachable person that always made time for us with our load of crazy questions. The Desired Bodies programs were created and developed to account for our busy working lifestyles with Michael working FIFO and myself at home with two children. She made it easy to merge our diet and exercise into a constantly changing life routine. We learned so much about health, fitness and training for a sustainable lifestyle during this time.


We both really enjoyed the journey of preparing and competing. Michael was very successful as an Athlete, even choosing to compete overseas in an amazing experience of a lifetime!


Jane is very professional and loves her job. We would both highly recommend becoming a member of the  Desired Bodies team.





I started working with Jane early 2016 and it has been one of the greatest journeys I have gone through. I had hit a plateau with my training and wanted to mix it up but didn't have the confidence to hit the gym (I was only doing group fitness at the time). Jane provided me with copious amounts of support and guided me with weight training and technique as well as my nutrition.

My strength has increased significantly. It’s crazy to think that my challenge when I first started with Jane is now my warm up! And what I loved about Jane's nutrition program is that she supports you to be more independent and creative over time through education about clean eating, nourishing your body and portion control. The best part is that my energy levels have skyrocketed. Jane you have been such an amazing support. I would recommend you to anyone. Thank you SO much.




Desired Bodies helped me to achieve goals I never thought possible. Jane believed in me, when I doubted myself. My programs were so personal and took into account my lifestyle and the goals I wanted to achieve. Every question was answered promptly and in detail, nothing was ever a problem for Jane. Whenever I needed her she was an email, a message or a phone call away. I was amazed at the knowledge and effort Jane put into every meal in my Nutrition Program, always taking into consideration my life, work, commitments, preferences and what worked for my body and me.

I cannot wait to see what the future holds working with Jane and the Desired Bodies Team.





I have recently competed at the ICN in Perth in May and was privileged to be able to have been Coached by Jane and her team at Desired Bodies. Originally I was concerned about having a Coach interstate and not in person, however my first experience competing with my Coach Jane was one I will never forget. I was promised Jane's full support via email, phone, skype, you name it I had it. Any support, questions I needed answering, when to book appointments, contacts I required to compete, I had it all and more. I never thought I would receive so much emotional, moral, physical and psychological support I needed from one person as I did. I was warned that this experience was going to be a hard one that required determination, passion with a whole lot of sweat, but one that would not be impossible if I wanted it enough.


Jane got me there and back wanting more! Jane and her team at Desired Bodies assisted me in every way with every key detail I needed to be stage ready with tanning, makeup, personal training, posing, foods and nutrition and supplementation if required. You name it, she had all the information there ready for me. The only point I wanted more of was information on why my body was going to change the way it did, from the training and nutrition regime I had. Which as a nurse myself, was my curiosity getting the better of me. But again, Jane had every question answered. After such a great first experience competing, I now have the itch to compete again and will forever use and refer Jane to fellow competitors, to be the best Athlete they can be with Jane as I was.

Thank you Jane.





When I first approached Jane I was seeking support for my nutrition and training during what was a very difficult time for me, battling through the throws of hormone treatments (IVF).  Jane was not only compassionate but she really took the time to help me understand what I was battling against, and formulated a nutrition plan specific to what my body was requiring during this time. Jane has now helped me stay on track during my pregnancy and it certainly shows. With minimal weight gain and keeping active, this has helped my body adapt to the physical demands of pregnancy.


I can’t wait to start my post-natal journey next with Jane by my side. I would highly recommend Jane from Desired Bodies, she can help you through all aspects of your training and nutrition, whatever goals you may have, none are too big or too small for this superwoman! The results speak for themselves.



I first heard about Jane through my mother's friend from work. I was seeking an excellent Coach for my journey to compete. Jane was highly recommended. She took my physique, shape and lifestyle into consideration and created a personalised training and nutrition program to suit me and the division I competed in. We followed up with progress photos so she could adjust my diet and training regularly as I progressed. She contacted me weekly, to check on my progress and see how I was doing. 

I did everything by the book with her and never missed a day or slacked off at the gym. Everything she did for me worked! I came out better than I ever expected for my very first comp and could never have done this without her. She is so supportive and was there every step of the way. If I needed help, or felt a little off, she was there to solve it. Post comp, she was there too! She's not like many Coaches I have heard of. She puts so much pride into her work, and there is absolutely no way I'd choose anyone else over her. When I compete again, I'll be right back to Jane.